NAME: The Club shall be known as the Men’s Midweek Golf Club (Club)

OBJECT: The object of the Men’s Midweek Golf Club is to promote enjoyment of golf and good fellowship among its membership by organizing golf games, competitions, tournaments, and social and business meetings at the University Golf Club, and occasional interclub matches or away games at other golf courses, and to do so in a manner that provides opportunities for, and encourages members to, meet, interact and play with a range of other members.

COMPOSITION OF THE CLUB: There shall be four classes of individual members:
a) full-play members, b) limited-play members c) social members, and d) honourary life members. The members shall be admitted to and removed from membership as provided in the By-Laws. The rights, privileges and duties of members shall be set out in the by-laws.

EXECUTIVE: There shall be an Executive of seven (7) members that shall act as the Board of Directors for the Club. It shall direct, arrange, supervise and control all activities and funds for the Club. The Executive shall consist of: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Vice-Captain and a Member at Large, all of whom shall be elected annually by and from the membership of the Club. The seventh member shall be a Past President chosen by the other members of the Executive.

BY-LAWS: The Executive may from time to time amend existing by-laws or enact new By-Laws, as they may consider appropriate with respect to the affairs of the Club. Any such amended or new By-Laws shall have effect until the next general or special meeting called for the purpose, at which they shall be subject to ratification by the membership.

NOT FOR PROFIT: No member of the Club shall be entitled to remuneration, save and except reimbursement for expenses incurred by such member on behalf of the Club with prior authorization of the Executive. The activities of the Club shall be conducted without a view to profit.

AMENDMENT: This Constitution may be amended, from time to time, by a resolution of the Executive which is confirmed by a majority of the votes cast at a general or special meeting of the members called for that purpose; any such amendment shall not be effective until it is confirmed.

DISSOLUTION: On dissolution of the Club, the assets remaining after payment of all debts shall be transferred to the B.C. Golf Museum Society.



The Executive shall consist of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Vice-Captain, Member at Large, and a Past President.

All members of the Executive, except the Past President shall be elected by and from the members at the Annual General Meeting. The Past President shall be chosen by the other members of the Executive from the pool of Past Presidents of the Club. In the event that there is not a Past President available to serve, the Executive shall choose someone from among the other past executive members. All members of the Executive shall hold office until the end of the Annual General Meeting after the election, or until a successor shall have been duly chosen. The whole of the Executive shall be retired at each Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election if otherwise qualified. No person shall serve for more than two (2) consecutive years in any one position on the Executive.

Any position on the Executive shall be deemed vacant if the incumbent resigns his office by notice in writing to the Club, has been absent, without being excused by the Executive, from two (2) consecutive meetings of the Executive, becomes of unsound mind, or is removed from office by resolution of the membership of the Club at a general meeting. Vacancies on the Executive, however caused, may, so long as a quorum of at least 50 percent of the members remain in office, be filled for the remainder of the term by the Executive from among the playing members of the Club.

Questions arising at any meeting of the Executive shall be decided by a majority of votes. In the event of a tie the President shall have a second or deciding vote.

A majority of the members of the Executive shall form a quorum for the transaction of business. The President, the Captain, or any two other members of the Executive may call a formal meeting of the Executive. At least two such meetings shall be held each year.

The signing officers of the Club shall be any two of the President, the Captain, and the Treasurer.

The Executive shall have full power with respect to the affairs of the Club as set out in the Constitution. In addition the Executive shall have the power to pass, without confirmation by the members, all necessary rules and regulations related in any way to the operation of the Club. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive to bring all rules, regulations and practices to the attention of the membership and to actively encourage individual members to adhere to them.

The duties of the members of the Executive shall be as follows:

The PRESIDENT shall have the overall responsibility for running the Club; shall preside at meetings of the Executive and at general and special meetings of the membership. He shall be responsible for organizing social events and telephone communications with the membership. He shall recommend to the Executive the appointment of individuals and committees to assist him with these duties. He shall serve as an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

The CAPTAIN shall be responsible for organizing all golf activities for the Club both at University Golf Club and other courses. This includes the weekly draw, all tournament and trophy competitions, away and interclub games and regulations governing play. He shall have the responsibility for the dissemination of information about Club rules, regulations and practices to the membership and for fostering adherence to them. He shall recommend to the Executive the appointment of individuals and committees to assist him in discharging these duties.

The VICE CAPTAIN shall assist the Captain by taking on duties assigned to him by the Captain and shall substitute for the Captain when necessary.

The SECRETARY shall be responsible for keeping minutes of all executive, general, and special meetings of the Club; issuing all required notices of meetings and; maintaining a roster of members names and contact information and a collection of identification tags for use at meetings. He shall also be responsible for editing, publishing and distributing a periodic newsletter to the membership.

The TREASURER shall be responsible for receiving, maintaining and disbursing the funds of the Club. He shall maintain records of all transactions. He shall present reports to the Executive and the general membership, including a written financial report to the Spring General Meeting. The financial records shall be available for review as may be directed by the Executive.

·The PAST PRESIDENT shall chair the Membership Committee. The Committee shall receive all nominataions for membership, and determine eligibility of nminees in accord with the requirements of the Club, and shall submit their recommendations to the Executive for approval.

The MEMBER AT LARGE may chair any committee as the Executive may designate. He shall also familiarize himself with other functions of the Executive with a view to possible future involvement


There shall be four classes of membership: Full-play, Limited-Play, Social, and Honourary-Life. Full-play members are eligible to play in all golf events during the season. Only Full-play members in good standing shall have voting privileges at Club meetings and shall be eligible for nomination to any executive position, or appointment to any committee after a minimum of one (1) year as a member in good standing. A limit to the maximum number of Full-play and Limited-play members shall be established annually by the Executive, in consultation with the management of the University Golf Club. New Full-play and Limited-play members shall be admitted annually through a formal nomination and approval process established by the Executive.

Limited-play members may attend social and business meetings of the Club but shall not be eligible to vote. They shall be eligible to receive subsidies as may be granted for Club functions.

Full-play or Limited-play members not intending to continue as such shall notify the President of their intention to withdraw. This shall not prevent a Full-play member from re-joining at any time provided a vacancy is available.

Social membership may be offered to former Full-play members who wish to remain associated with the Club but who are unable to meet the requirements of Full-play membership. Social members may attend social and business meetings of the Club but shall not be eligible to vote, nor to receive any subsidy as may be granted for Club functions.

A former Full-play member, who is granted status as a Social member, may apply to return to his former status as a Full-play member in a future year. He shall have priority over new nominees for a period of two years from the date of having been granted status as a Social member.

Former Full-play members, who left the Club in good standing, may seek permission from the Captain to play periodically. The Captain may also invite nominees or potential nominees for membership to play occasionally as space permits. A former full-play member who does not maintain Social membership during the aforementioned two-year period or who applies after this two year period will have no guarantee of priority over new nominees. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive to determine whether and in what category such an applicant shall be re-admitted to playing membership.

Full-play and Limited-play members shall be obligated to take an active part in the activities of the Club. In order to maintain membership in good standing, Full-play and Limited-play members shall participate in and enter duly attested score cards for minimum numbers of events each year, unless for reasonable cause being unable to do so. The Executive shall set the eligible events and numbers.

Full-play and Limited-play members shall be required to pay annual dues in the amount and by the date established by the Executive.

Honourary Life membership is reserved for long-time, full-play members who have contributed significantly to the Men's Mid-Week Club, who have reached the age of 90 and who continue to play. It is awarded at the discretion of the Executive. Those so honoured shall have their dues waived.

It is the responsibility of members to familiarize themselves and act in accordance with these By-Laws and any rules, practices, or codes properly adopted by the Club and to conduct themselves in a manner that is both consistent with these rules and practices, and not prejudicial to the Club. Members who fail to do so can be expected to be asked to explain themselves to the Executive or the manager of UGC (or his designate) or both. Violation may result in disciplinary action, including letters of warning, suspension from MM-WC and/or denial of access to UGC facilities. Disciplinary action involving MM-WC shall be by two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee, provided that anyone so charged shall be given the opportunity to meet with the Executive to present any defense to such charge before action is taken.


Two general meetings shall be held each year; one in the Spring and one in the Fall, which shall be the Annual General Meeting. The Executive shall determine the dates and locations of these meetings. The Executive shall report all its actions to the membership at the Annual General Meeting including a written financial report.

A Special meeting of the members may be called at any time by the Executive on five (5) days’ notice by mailing a copy of the notice, including the purpose for the meeting, to each member.

All general and special meetings shall be chaired by the President or his designate, and shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order. A quorum for a general or special meeting shall be twenty-five (25) percent of the eligible voting members.

At every Annual General Meeting, in addition to any other business that may be transacted, the report of the Executive, including interim financial statements, shall be presented, and Executive members elected. At every Spring General Meeting the annual financial statements and the report of the person appointed to review the financial records of the Club shall be presented. The members may consider and transact any business either, special or general, without any notice of it at any general meeting, except that proposed amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws must be circulated to the members at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the general meeting at which it is to be considered. Members shall be notified of any general meeting at least fourteen (14) days in advance by mail, posted notice, telephone, e-mail or inclusion in the calendar of events (Fixture Book).

Every question put before a general or special meeting shall be in the first instance decided by a show of hands. If a poll is called for the question it shall be decided by a simple majority of votes of eligible members. In the case of a tie the chair of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or deciding vote.

Elections shall take place at the Annual General Meeting in the Fall. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of nominees for positions on the Executive. Further nominations may be made from the floor providing the nominee(s) confirm their willingness to stand either at the meeting or in writing to the Nominating Committee chair in advance of the meeting.


The Executive shall appoint a Nominating Committee annually. The Nominating Committee shall consist of a Chair and two (2) other members. The Chair shall be a past member of the executive who has served within the past five (5) years. One member shall be from the current Executive, and one from the general membership. All must be Full-play members in good standing but shall not include anyone who is standing for election to office. The Nominating Committee shall inform the membership of the annual election and actively canvas for potential candidates prior to preparing its report. If either a past or current executive member is not available to serve as stipulated the Executive shall appoint people from the Full-Play membership to fill those positions. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall present its slate of candidates to the annual general meeting.

The Executive shall annually strike or renew other committees, name committee chairs and members, or appoint/re-appoint individuals to positions, as it deems advisable. Such committees or appointees shall be advisory to the Executive or to the general membership of the Club as the Executive shall from time to time direct. They may be assigned specific duties to undertake on behalf of the Executive.

All such committees or appointees shall report annually to the Executive. Committee chairs and appointees shall also maintain an up-to-date file detailing activities and duties for use by potential successors


The period January 1st to December 31st shall be the fiscal year for the Club.

At each Spring General Meeting the members shall appoint a person to review the financial records of the Club and report to the members at the next Spring General Meeting. This person shall be drawn from the Full-Play membership of the Club.

On questions of interpretation of these Bylaws the decision of the executive shall be final unless overruled by the members at a General or Special Meeting.

The Executive may, by resolution, amend, repeal or re-enact any by-law of the Club. Any amendment, repeal or re-enactment, unless in the meantime confirmed by a majority of the votes cast at a general or special meeting of the members called for that purpose, is effective only until the next annual meeting of the members unless confirmed at it, and in default of confirmation at it, ceases to have effect at and from that time.

The Bylaws of the Club may be amended at any general or special meeting of the members by extraordinary resolution adopted by majority vote of the voting members present. Notice to amend any By-Law shall be given to the members fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting.

Approved at the Annual General Meeting October 29 2003
Amended at the Annual General Meeting October 20, 2004
Amended at the Annual General Meeting October 25, 2006
Amended at the Spring General Meeting April 25, 2007
By-Law Amendment approved at the Annual General Meeting October 29,2008.